Step 1: Consultation

At this appointment, you will meet your treatment care team. Your team will consist of the CyberKnife radiation oncologist, your nurse coordinator, medical physicist, radiation therapists and may include other members of our care team.

Step 2: Imaging

Your CyberKnife physician may order a CT scan to identify the precise location, size and shape of the tumor or tumors for treatment. Additional imaging, such as MRI or PET scan, may also be required. These studies will help us customize your treatment plan to deliver the most accurate treatment possible.

Step 3: Marker Placement

Patients with tumors in the chest, abdomen, pelvis or other areas surrounded by soft tissue may require a short outpatient procedure for marker placement. Using sterilized needles, tiny gold seeds called fiducials are implanted to use as a point of reference and help accurately guide the CyberKnife’s radiation beams.

Step 4: Simulation

About a week after the markers are placed, you’ll have a fitting of the supportive positioning devices that provide comfort and support during treatment. Next you’ll have a final CT scan with this equipment in place.

Step 5: Treatment Planning

After your planning scans are complete, your treatment team will carefully review the imaging scans and plan your CyberKnife treatment. You do not need to be present for this step.

Step 6: Cyberknife Treatments

Once the planning is completed, you are ready to begin your CyberKnife treatments. We advise that you ask a friend or relative to accompany you to lend support and drive you home after the procedure/s.

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