Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

At the CyberKnife Cancer Institute of Chicago, we put patients first.

From the moment you schedule your initial consultation to the completion of your treatment, our focus is on providing you with an environment of comfort and ease. Compassion isn’t just a word we toss around lightly; it’s something that each member of our expert staff truly feels for every patient who walks through our door.

We understand that a cancer diagnosis means you’re in for the fight of your life. As a CyberKnife Cancer Institute of Chicago patient, we want you to remember that you’re not in that fight alone. Our doctors, nurses and even the CyberKnife itself are all right there with you—and there is strength in numbers. Together, we’ll take a team approach to providing you with the best possible care, and do everything in our power to get you back to what’s important to you.

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